I am a lifelong learner, always growing, sharing and expanding.

I am a mom of two precious little humans.
I believe they came to me to be my greatest teachers.
They have shared many lessons and messages with me thus far and I know there are more to come.
These two mini souls are my greatest loves, joys, teachers and triggers in life.

From the outside it may seem as though I have it all figured out, these beautiful photographs that paint this perception that I have my shit together. Let me tell you there are days where I do have my shit together, where I am calm, centered and responsive towards my children. I am exuberant with love, tenderness and kindness and then there are days where I am the furthest thing from that. Days where I raise my voice, am irritated, angry, and reactive. I am definitely not proud of those latter days. The more I employ the tools I have cultivated to help navigate life in such situations, the more time passes between the latter version of myself arising. This is something I currently work on acknowledging, celebrating, and honoring ….that I am imperfect.

My house is a disaster zone 95% of the time, with toys, crumbs and finger prints everywhere, piles of laundry that I am rarely on top of (some dirty, clean, folded and sitting in the laundry basket for days). The 5% of the time where my home is clean and organized is very shorted lived. I am learning to accept this phase of my life….to be in the mess and joy of it all while surrounded by these tiny humans – teaching, nurturing, playing with them. I am learning to embrace the imperfection.

I practice yoga daily, however it is not always in a physical form. Some days my yoga practice is trying to breath to keep calm and stay responsive amidst the chaos, other days it is focused on meditation – connecting inward, attuning to my intuitive sense. There are days where I focus on expanding my teachings style and knowledge of yoga and then there are days where my physical yoga practice takes priority. I often stress over this inconsistency, yet I am learning to adopt a new mindset that I can’t do it all, and that I don’t have to.

I am imperfect and I do not know it all. I know a little bit about a variety of things and there is plenty that I know nothing about. I am learning as I go. I view each day is an opportunity to learn and grow a little more.

I am grateful for the immense academic experiences I have been privy to and apply my knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, and functional movement throughout my teachings (B.Sc. Kinesiology, Prosthetics & Orthotics C.O. (c), MELT Method, Fletcher Pilates, Vinyasa Yoga, The Yoga Professional and more).  There are many teachings I have applied to my life that continue to serve me well and some have served me with a wealth of knowledge yet have not been integrated into my life as originally intended.  I have only scratched the surface of knowledge pertaining to yoga and I continue to expand my experiences and trainings to share with others. I have been very fortunate to have some incredible mentors throughout my life journey – Katie Brauer (creator of The Yoga Professional) for one.  For all the education and trainings I have taken, there are days where I feel I know nothing and others where it all comes flooding in.

I view life as a rollercoaster.  At times riding high with momentum and excitement, or dipping low with fear and uncertainty.
Soaring with anxiety and nervousness of what’s coming next – a hill to climb, and drop, or a loop. There are parts of it that feel smooth as though I am gliding through life and other parts that are rough, where I am rattled and shoved up against the wall. My eyes are closed through some of it with a vice grip hold to match, and through various moments my eyes open wide, loving the breeze on my face, astonished by the view, and loving the ride.

This is me …living life…in the mess of it all….imperfect….living the yoga.

Feel free to join me on this journey.

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